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MetaFlight XML Generator

Original Post by: cjdellap Wed Sep 12 17:45:12 2012


I have a set of OpenFlight tiles that I would like to create an XML MetaFlight file for. Does Presagis have any utilities that will generate the MetaFlight XML file from existing flight files? My tiles are very simple. They do not have any LODs and are already following an XY naming scheme that should make it easy for them to be loaded as MetaFlight. I thought about making the XML file by hand, but the only information that I could find on the standard was the scheme definition HMTL so I thought it would be better to see if anything existed already.

Thanks in advance.


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Original Post by: David.Nadeau Wed Sep 12 21:05:11 2012

There is a MetaFlight Wizard which can be used to Generate an MetaFlight from an OpenFlight database.

The Wizard is accessible from Vega Prime -> LynX Prime.

From LynXPrime - go to Tools -> Wizards -> MetaFlight Terrain

The Wizard guide you through each step needed to generate a MetaFlight db.


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