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Map big VT onto smaller terrain

Original Post by: notsofast Thu Jun 6 14:15:14 2013

I could use some quick help on this. I have a terrain MetaFlight layer built in a smaller gaming area and a VT MetaFlight layer built in a larger gaming area. The smaller gaming area is contained within the larger. The tiling of both layers is compatible (aligned and the same size), but the origins and extents are different.

Can I combine them properly in Vega Prime by just modifying the MetaFlight of one or both layers? Regenerating either layer is difficult.

I need a way to describe the offset and smaller size of the terrain layer within the VT layers extent. Right now it tries to map the full VT onto the smaller terrain area. I did not see such a construct in the MetaFlight schema, and I am having trouble finding any MetaFlight user guide or specification document online. I know I've seen something in the past.

"Give up and remake one of the layers" is also a valid answer.


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