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Physical Material Map - OpenFlight Overview for OpenFlight revision 16.5 (draft)

Original Post by: SteveThompson Mon Sep 14 20:49:50 2015

For Presagis Suite 15, we are introducing a new Extended Material technique to OpenFlight revision 16.5. The new technique, called Physical Material Map, is a raster-based technique to map physical materials to specific areas of the OpenFlight scene (both terrain and models). It is a new layer in the OpenFlight Extended Material and is mapped to geometry in the same way as other texture-based layers in the Extended Material - such that the texels of the Physical Material Map define the physical material for the underlying geometry

The attached PDF document provides a high level overview of the Physical Material Map. In the document, the Physical Material Map is first introduced along with some historical context that has led Presagis to the development of this new construct. Next a typical user workflow is described. Following that, the files used in this system are described along with naming conventions for these files. Finally the binary disk file format of the new record in OpenFlight is shown as well as the OpenFlight Data Dictionary record and field definitions used in the OpenFlight API to access the Physical Material Map in the OpenFlight scene graph.

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