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Openflight format conversion

Original Post by: kereyh Wed Oct 21 20:53:03 2009

I am having an issue with a legacy system that must read several (60) models that are currently in 16.3 openflight format. The legacy system will only support 15.7.

Has anyone written a batch script in python or creator to acomplish this?

Thank you for the information.


Original Post by: Lars Wed Oct 21 20:59:05 2009

You can use the Copy Model tool in Creator to load all OFLT files and convert them to a specific target format. The additional benefits are that you can collect all textures and external references into one location.

Quoth the manual:

Using Copy Model

At times you may want to copy a model or models to another location, computer, or network drive; for example, when you are ready to publish your OpenFlight file to a runtime computer or reuse models in another project. You can copy master files that reference other OpenFlight files and copy them all at once.

Copy Model saves the OpenFlight file or files to a selected location and allows you to specify the destination directories for the externally referenced models, textures, and shaders and resolve the paths to those files as Absolute, Relative to Destination or as No Path. (This is similar to the way texture paths are specified in the Texture palette, but in this case the paths are for external references as well as for texture files.)

Copy Model copies all the files that are relevant to the specified OpenFlight files. For example, if .icn or .attr files exist, they are also copied.

Original Post by: Lars Wed Oct 21 20:59:54 2009

Slight correction: File -> Copy Model


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