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OpenFlight User Group - Presentation (I/ITSEC 2009)

Original Post by: SteveThompson Fri Dec 11 14:21:39 2009

This is the presentation given at the OpenFlight User Group Meeting at I/ITSEC Conference 2009.

This was presented by:

- Steve Thompson (Development Manager - Content Creation Products)

During the meeting several topics on OpenFlight format changes and tools (for future consideration) were discussed. These topics included:

OpenFlight Format

-- New Group Node field : Non Visual Representation

-- Switch Textures

-- Multi-Entity OpenFlight file

-- Substitutive LOD

-- Animation

-- Face Attribute Palette


-- Make OpenFlight API thread safe

-- Low Level API

Each of these topics will be outlined in separate threads on this forum (in the days to come). We invite you to comment on each to help us gauge how important these are to OpenFlight users.

For each topic, consider:

-- Do you use it? Do you want to but can’t?

-- Is this a problem area for your app/workflow?

-- How do you workaround this problem?

-- How could OpenFlight/Tools better address this problem?

-- If OpenFlight/Tools changed, would you change your app?

We look forward to the discussion!

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