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Switch Textures

Original Post by: SteveThompson Fri Dec 11 14:32:29 2009

The following is an outline of a topic discussed at the OpenFlight User Group Meeting I/ITSEC 2009.

We invite your comments…


User wants to model/store multiple visual representations for a model (differing only by texture) without having to model multiple “geometries”. To model, for example:

-- Seasonal Variations

-- Damage States

-- “Desert” vs. “Forest” Camouflage

Proposed Solution:

-- Extended Texture Palette Entry

-- Palette entry can define texture variations

During the meeting several other possible options were discussed. Let us know what you think, thanks.

Original Post by: Lars Fri Dec 11 18:46:44 2009

going out on a limb here, but what about something like a 'texture switch mask' similar to the currently existing geometry switch mask (switch node) So similar to defining the visible portions of geometry for each switch mask, you would define the textures visible for each texture switch mask. This could mean more texture saving as I could for instance always have the tire and tire tread textures visible for each tex switch but the main body texture changes (dry, wet, snow, muddy) This would of course be for each texture level, where I could switch out a grime layer that blends with my base texture.

Original Post by: TCS Mon Dec 21 18:27:04 2009

I'd like to see support for texture layers included in this. On any single polygon, one representation may look great with a single texture, while another representation of the same polygon requires multiple textures layers.

Original Post by: JohnNorman Mon Oct 31 04:46:22 2011

texture layers through the single polygon each texture switch mask that is blended to the propagating texture .

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