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Multi-Entity (or Multi-Tile) OpenFlight File

Original Post by: SteveThompson Fri Dec 11 14:36:58 2009

The following is an outline of a topic discussed at the OpenFlight User Group Meeting I/ITSEC 2009.

We invite your comments…


-- Large (typically “tiled”) databases are composed of many OpenFlight files. e.g., x-ref tiles of a master database file

-- Disk access time to load can be prohibitive to runtime just because of operating system constraints

Proposed Solution:

-- Add a “directory” record to OpenFlight which contains “offsets” to locate tiles/entities contained in file

-- New File Open/Save Interface in Creator/OpenFlight API

Notes from discussion:

"Directory" Records at "root" of file could also be used to contain:

-- Master Palettes for all entities/models that follow - in which case entity/model could omit that palette record (and inherit from the master palette)

-- Other "context" data for all entities/models that follow

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Original Post by: John Hortenstine Thu Aug 19 19:56:24 2010

I am trying to see if I understand this correctly. Would this be basically loading a template for a particular OpenFlight file? In other words, the light point appearance, texture palette, color palette, etc... could be referenced in a separate file? Or is this trying to help loading a file that has tons of External References by not loading them to begin with?

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