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Substitutive LOD

Original Post by: SteveThompson Fri Dec 11 14:40:04 2009

The following is an outline of a topic discussed at the OpenFlight User Group Meeting I/ITSEC 2009.

We invite your comments…


Currently OpenFlight LOD nodes are Additive

Users can implement Substitutive LOD via conventions and modeling practices – but can get “out of sync”

Proposed Solution:

New Switch-like LOD node to enforce Substitutive LOD behavior - child nodes:

-- Define complete range of detail for model

-- Are mutually exclusive

-- Enforce LOD center and switch in/out cohesion

Original Post by: KentNichols Tue Aug 6 20:28:34 2013

Looking through old posts, any movement on this? Very similar to a "multi-range" LOD switch i've asked about a few times over the years. each child group is a single LOD, mutually exclusive geometry, and enfore a single center. i've run into wierdness a few times with multiple LOD nodes when the geometry change is enough to cause a big enough shift in the centroid that objects disappear and reappear because your range falls between the ranges to the differing centroids. we have workarounds, but again one more step ...

Original Post by: KentNichols Tue Aug 6 20:29:02 2013

Looks like i just joined the "700" club" 8*)

Original Post by: Lars Thu Nov 28 16:02:14 2013

Hi Kent I will jump start an internal discussion here and see what it will get us. Thank you for the Bump!

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