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Presagis 2010 awards & 2011 calendar

Original Post by: eceres Tue Sep 21 21:33:22 2010

The annual Presagis Awards will be awarded to eligible customers and partners who have shown great innovation in the use of Presagis Modeling & Simulation products. We are looking to honor your achievements, and to spread the word about your exciting project!

Whether it be a visual simulation application, a new content database, or a high-fidelity 3D model, we invite you to submit your work for the 2010 Presagis Awards.


Award Categories:

• Most valuable plug-in or application based on a Presagis product API

• Best Visualization Application

• Best Simulation Application

• Best Database

• Best 3D Model

• Most Innovative Application

• Most valuable Presagis Partner (Presagis Partners can also apply for any of the awards mentioned above)

Presagis is also accepting entries for the Presagis 2011 Calendar. Images of applications using any Presagis product will be accepted for consideration.


Note: The calendar will be published for initial distribution at IITSEC later in the year.

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