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how can i tell the version of my openFlight DBs?

Original Post by: roybj Sun Nov 14 11:58:34 2010

hi, i have several openFlight databases which i got from a third party,

i wish to learn the version of the database, how can i do this?

in case it matters, i am using thea lite to open them. at least for now.



Original Post by: ChrisRogers Mon Nov 15 14:50:28 2010

I am not sure how to do it with thea. You will probably have to ask on the Vega Prime forum if all you have is Thea. If however, you do have Creator then you need only look at the statistics on the Open Database File dialog. When you highlight a file to open, Creator tells you the version on the line: "OpenFlight Format:"

Original Post by: sbook Fri Dec 17 20:32:31 2010

In terms of data structures, the format is found in bytes [12,15] of the header record.. (See pg. 22 of the 16.4 API)

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