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OpenFlight User Group - Presentation (I/ITSEC 2012)

Original Post by: SteveThompson Thu Dec 6 02:15:24 2012

This is the presentation given at the OpenFlight User Group Meeting at I/ITSEC Conference 2012.

The agenda of the meeting is included here:

OpenFlight Tools and Format Update

- OpenFlight Terms and History

- OpenFlight API

- Distribution of API is changing


- OpenFlight Script vs Creator Script

- Customer use cases

- Creator/OpenFlight API 5.0 (M&S 2013) status

- Beta Program

- Impact on Creator plug-in developers

Possible Future Plans : OpenFlight format 16.5 and Tools

- OpenFlight API/Tools

- Make OpenFlight API thread safe

- Low Level API

- OpenFlight Script : Python version support

- OpenFlight API : New Plug-in Types

- OpenFlight Format

- Switch Textures

- Multi-Entity (or Multi-Tile) OpenFlight File

- Subdivision Surfaces

This was presented by:

- Steve Thompson (Technical Lead - Content Creation Products)

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