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What happened to the OpenFlight User Group Meeting at the Image Conference 2013?

Original Post by: SteveThompson Fri May 31 20:51:04 2013

It’s a question we’ve been hearing quite a bit. Frankly, it’s flattering to know there’s a lot of interest in this user group!

First the good news: We ARE going to hold a user group meeting soon (fall 2013) and this time it will be a fully interactive webinar !

Now the bad news: We have been flat-out busy with a major new release later this year and we have made the decision to not host a meeting at Image conference 2013. We know many of you truly appreciate our user group meetings (both OpenFlight and CDB) at shows like Image, and we very much want to keep hosting those meetings in the future no matter how busy things get here.

Due to travel budget constraints, many members of the M&S community have had fewer opportunities to attend these shows. We don’t want that to stop anyone from taking part in user group meetings.

Hosting the user group meeting as a webinar will allow for more people from our M&S community to participate. The hope is that we’ll also see a higher level of interaction from everyone. Maybe you’ve been a bit shy in the past when it comes to voicing a question in person. Well, now you’ll no longer need to feel anxious to speak up – before, during, or after the webinar.

We hope to finalize the date of the OpenFlight User Group meeting very soon. When we do, we will announce it here on this forum and provide a way for you and your co-workers to sign up. It will be a free event and everyone is welcome to join in.

So stay tuned and we are very sorry to miss you at the Image conference 2013.

See you soon!


Steve Thompson

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