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Help required-Reflection mapping

Original Post by: srikanthbk Tue Oct 29 11:43:31 2013


Is there a way to incorporated reflection mapping into 3D models just like having a Night map.

If yes what would be the effect data layer code for reflection mapping.

Thanks and regards,


Original Post by: SteveThompson Tue Oct 29 20:56:55 2013

Yes, you can do this. You can create an "Extended Material" entry in the Material Palette, assign the fltReflectionMapEx attribute, then assign that material to your polygon or mesh geometry.

Let us know if that makes sense or if you have further questions.

Original Post by: srikanthbk Wed Oct 30 06:00:32 2013

thank you Steve. Will implement this method and post the results.

Original Post by: Lars Thu Nov 28 15:57:08 2013

Just FYI the extended material allows you to set Shading Models such as Ambient, Diffuse, Emissive, Specular and Alpha. You can also assign surface modifiers such as Light, Shadow, Bump, Normal and Reflection Maps. For many of these multiple texture layers and their combinations are possible.

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