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Adding a reference in a flt to another flt

Original Post by: Tue Sep 22 19:03:51 2015

Hi I don't know if this is feasible. I have a cone.flt containing a cone and I have a scene.flt that contains a scene with several cones in the scene. What I want to do is: in scene.flt, I want to refer to the cone in cone.flt and use it to place it in several places in scene.flt. If I did changes in cone.flt(texture,form...), I want to see this change reflected in scene.flt since it will be using the cone reference. Is it possible to do it? How?


Original Post by: ChrisRogers Tue Sep 22 19:15:58 2015

Yes, this is possible and is known as an external reference. Are you doing this via the OpenFlight API, or are you doing this inside of Creator?

If you are doing this in the OpenFlight API, please see the FAQ in the OpenFlight API Reference entitled

How do I create an external reference in a master database?

If you are doing this in Creator, you can use the Create External Reference tool found in the Create Toolbox, please see the help section for the tool entitled:

Create External Reference

(Also, if you are looking for Creator specific help please post questions about using creator to the Creator forum)

You may also want to read up on instances, just to be familiar with all your options on how to accomplish this type of task.

Original Post by: SteveThompson Tue Sep 22 22:12:08 2015

Hi thank you for your post on this forum.

Just a quick word about the OpenFlight forums available. There are 3 different forums each with a different purpose:

OpenFlight General Discussion

Join this forum to participate in technical discussions related to the OpenFlight file format.

OpenFlight API Discussion

Join this forum to participate in technical discussions related to the OpenFlight API.

OpenFlight Drafts Discussion

Join this forum to provide feedback to upcoming drafts of the OpenFlight file format.

From the content of your post, it is not clear in which your post best fits.

If you are asking if there exists constructs in OpenFlight for referencing external files, then you have asked on the correct forum.

If you are asking how to achieve this using the OpenFlight API, then the more appropriate forum to ask this question would be OpenFlight API Discussion.

In the end, it really does not matter too much since the moderators monitor all 3 forums simultaneously. But if you are looking for very specific technical answers about using the OpenFlight API I might suggest using the OpenFlight API Discussion forum in the future. You are more likely to find technical answers there.

Again, thanks for your participation!

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