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Py2exe problem

Original Post by: IanCheung Mon Jul 20 11:03:15 2009

I've got some python scripts that use the OF API to process flt files and Qt4 for the GUI.

Everything works as it should when run from the python framework, but I'm having problems compiling them using py2exe. Has anyone here encountered problems using py2exe on a script that uses the Openflight API?

Specifically, py2exe complains about not finding fltdata.dll, so I added fltdata.dll as one of the data_files include parameters. Now when I run py2exe it no longer complains about finding fltdata.dll, however when I run the resulting executable, absolutely nothing happens.

From here, I don't even know how to investigate further. Does anyone have any ideas at all?

By the way, I also had to add 'sip' and 'mgapilib' as include parameters to begin with as they weren't included to begin with.

Appreciate any suggestions/advice anyone may have,


Original Post by: IanCheung Sun Aug 2 14:04:46 2009

Good point - my scripts will definitely only be used within the company so I guess we're ok.

This is slightly off-topic, but any chance the web developers at Presagis could make it easier to get to the Openflight API forum? I have the Openflight API forum bookmarked on my work pc, but whenever I'm at a different machine or not in the office I find it really difficult to find the Openflight API forum. Also, aren't these posts peer-to-peer anyway, indicating they should be at least linked to from within the peer-to-peer forums?

Original Post by: SteveThompson Mon Jul 20 17:28:38 2009

Thanks for sharing your findings. Certainly this will be useful info for other OpenFlight Script users!

When it comes to redistributing the OpenFlight API DLLs (in any form - even embedded in py2exe output) keep in mind the OpenFlight API licensing agreement. In short (and this forum is no legal document - check the agreement for specifics) you can distribute API DLLs within your company but must obtain permission to distribute them to, say, your customers.

Again, thanks for your forum contribution - good info!

Original Post by: IanCheung Mon Jul 20 16:03:09 2009

Just an update - I was using the option "bundle_files":1in py2exe. If I don't use that option, I don't have the problem described in my first post. I need to read up on the bundle options more, but for now I will just run py2exe the other way.

I wanted to end up with one executable that can be distributed to another pc, and it works. However having a folder with a small exe and lots of dlls is fine - and in fact if I write more and more scripts, it'll be neater to have only one folder containing all the necessary dll's and modules, plus my small exe's.

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