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Original Post by: IanCheung Tue Aug 25 22:48:01 2009

I saw a post a while back about the Openflight API being available for Linux, at least for versions 3.3 and 3.4 under RedHat.

Just wondering if it's still possible to use the OF API on linux, and if so - how? I'm running ubuntu 9.04 at the moment

edit: found the link to the post:

Original Post by: SteveThompson Tue Aug 25 23:05:21 2009

Frankly, I don't know much about ubuntu Linux and/or its compatibility with RedHat. Your best bet would be to contact your Presagis sales representative and/or our Technical Support team to obtain a copy and give it a whirl.

Original Post by: IanCheung Wed Aug 26 08:46:04 2009

Alright, I'll do that thanks

Original Post by: SteveThompson Wed Aug 26 14:12:40 2009

And if you wouldn't mind reporting back here what you find... others might find that information useful as well. Thanks!

Original Post by: IanCheung Thu Sep 10 15:50:03 2009

Ok, I finally have an update - my other work has kept me away from anything Openflight related until now, hence the delay

You can download the OpenFlight API for Windows and Linux via the Presagis Customer Portal - there is a guide to using the Portal here:

It should be noted that without a Maintenance license the downloads won't be visible.

I still have more investigating to do, but the Linux OFAPI is for RedHat and some additional work may be required to get it to work on other Linux distros. Also, at this stage I'm not sure if the Linux OFAPI includes Python bindings or not - will report back when I know more


Original Post by: chesterb Fri Nov 20 15:11:49 2009

I don't know much about ubuntu/linux but i actually like it's interface. It's very clean.



Ordinateur portable pas cher

Original Post by: casper412 Tue Jan 25 17:07:26 2011

Since the library compiles under GCC, how much trouble would it be to get a Mac version?

Original Post by: SteveThompson Wed Jan 26 00:07:26 2011

Since the library compiles under GCC, how much trouble would it be to get a Mac version?

It would be a fairly significant effort in total. While, technically, it might be a straightforward porting exercise (once we got the computers, compilers and personal in place), the real effort would be in long term testing, support and maintenance. It does require a significant infrastructure to maintain an additional platform of a commercial SDK . That all said, we could dream here all day about how great it would be to have OpenFlight API on the MAC but you'd have to make a pretty strong business case for it. Unfortunately, that is not my area.

If you are serious about this, you should take this up with your sales representative. But in all honesty, you might be better off getting Linux to run on your Mac and approach it that way.

This is interesting... and I hope this does not sound flip but why would you want the OpenFlight API on the MAC?

Original Post by: casper412 Wed Jan 26 00:41:00 2011

I would want the libraries on a Mac because the software I maintain has a enough user on Mac that I can't simply say that OpenFlight is supported on Windows and Linux but not Mac. In fact, I have no linux users whatsoever and about 50/50 Windows and Mac users. So, I was looking for an API that gives the ability to read OpenFlight at least on those two platforms.

Original Post by: SteveThompson Wed Jan 26 02:11:07 2011

Fair enough... thanks for the info. Can you mention the name of your software?

As I suggested in my previous reply, the next step for you might be to make your business case to your Presagis sales rep and see where it goes. I am not in a position to make these kinds of decisions on behalf of Presagis.

In all honesty, there has not been much of a demand (in the past) for the API on the MAC platform. If more folks like yourself make the request and Presagis sees a business opportunity there, perhaps things could change.

Original Post by: casper412 Wed Jan 26 02:28:33 2011

I work on Simajin which is a simulation engine and the visualization tool requires openflight models from time to time. The funny thing is the sales rep referred me here because I asked him if it was possible.

Original Post by: SteveThompson Wed Jan 26 14:20:17 2011

Oh... perhaps you were referred to the forum to ask if the current API (available on Windows and Linux) could somehow be made to work on Mac as is. As I suggested in an earlier post, the only way I can think to make that work would be to have Linux on your Mac and run your app (linked with the Linux API libraries) in that environment. From your posts, that does not sound like an option. There may be other ways to get Linux or Windows libraries to run natively on Mac but I am not aware of such techniques.

If you can't figure out a way to make the existing API distribution work on Mac, other options include:

1) Presagis to supply Mac compatible libraries directly. In this option, Presagis management would have to be involved to make the business decision. The API source code is not public so this would have to be done by Presagis. And the question changes from "is it possible?" to "is it a good business decision?".

2) Write or otherwise locate an alternative API to read OpenFlight models. The binary format specification for the OpenFlight file is public and available for download on the Presagis website at (then follow the Download Specifcation link). Several 3rd parties implement their own APIs for loading/writing OpenFlight using the format specification as a guide. OpenSceneGraph, for example has a plugin that can read OpenFlight. That might be a place to start looking if this is a route you want to consider.

Sorry for the run-around. I hope this helps.

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