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Error after mgReplaceTexture

Original Post by: SCGrant327 Fri Oct 30 15:47:06 2009

I am using API 4.0.1.

I open a FLT file, do a mgSaveAsDb to make a copy, read all textures, copy textures to new location, then update the new copy of the FLT file with the new texures via the mgReplaceTextures command.

This all works, but I get an error when exiting the application that appears to be in some VC8 portion of the API.

I am using C++ Builder 2007. I have converted the COFF versions of the mgapilib.lib & mgdd.lib to OMF for use with BCB...

Any ideas?

Original Post by: SteveThompson Sat Oct 31 00:42:44 2009

I'm not sure about using your particular --modified-- version of the API libraries but we would be interested in more details on the error (and in particular the exact steps/function calls you are using) you report.

If you could provide sample code I'd be happy to try to track it down in the 4.0.1 API.

Thanks in advance.

Original Post by: SCGrant327 Mon Nov 2 13:51:57 2009

Thanks for the offer....

I will put together a 'simple' app that shows the error and post the code here...


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