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How to geolocate geometry?

Original Post by: jsnuffer Mon Nov 16 20:25:33 2009

I have a 3D mesh derived from Lidar data and I need to accurately geolocate it as a flt file.

I can see fields within the flt header that seem to be the right kind of thing (fltProjection, fltOriginLat/Long, fltHdrEarthModel, fltUTMZone etc) but I can't find any API calls that set these fields.

The only geolocation functions I can see in the API refer to images and textures.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Original Post by: SteveThompson Mon Nov 16 20:30:22 2009

Like all node attributes, you use the OpenFlight API function mgSetAttList to "set" these values on the fltHeader node. For a complete list of node types and field definitions, see the OpenFlight Data Dictionary section of the OpenFlight API Reference Documentation.

Original Post by: jsnuffer Wed Nov 18 19:02:43 2009

Thank you. I have been looking for documentation on geolocation with OpenFlight but with no luck at all.

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