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Question concerning help files for plugins

Original Post by: spoulin Mon Mar 22 20:22:04 2010


I've figured out how to add help files for plugins in the form of .htm files. I've encountered one problem though. How do I register a help file for a plugin that has multiple registered editors?

My current plugin has one mgDeclarePlugin and three mgRegisterEditor. So, when I go to Help->On Plugins, I see the name that I used with mgDeclarePlugin in Plugin Modules and I see the three registered editors in Tools/Data extensions. When I hit help, it brings me to the same help file for all three editors which is normal because I declared the help file for the plugin with mgRegisterHelpFile and that function takes a mgPlugin argument and not a mgPluginTool argument which basically means I can't register a help file for a specific editor. I know MTA_HELPCONTEXT exists but it looks to me as it doesn't allow .htm files to be specified.

So how do I register a .htm help file for each editor in my plugin? If I can't is there a way to specify a bookmark so that it scrolls to the right spot in the .htm file?


Original Post by: SteveThompson Mon Mar 22 20:37:44 2010

You can only register one help file per plugin. That means all the tools contained in your plugin must share the same file. The idea was that you could use HTML targets to get context sensitive help. ie. when you did Help on a particular tool, your help file would open to the named target (using MTA_HELPCONTEXT). Unfortunately that currently does not work for HTML files so you're stuck until we either:

Fix MTA_HELPCONTEXT to open the HTML file to the named target


Allow different help files per tool.


Original Post by: spoulin Tue Mar 23 12:52:53 2010

Ok, thanks. I think I'll just need to put a main page with hyperlinks and that should do the trick :)

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