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Deploying OpenFlight API Application

Original Post by: SCGrant327 Thu Apr 1 16:03:10 2010

Is there anything special that needs to be done to deploy and run an app that was developed with the OpenFlight API?

I have the app and the API DLL's grouped together, but just looking for any pitfalls.

Also, is there a way to 'force' the app to use the DLLs I deploy with the app? Say I want to deploy the 4.0 API, but the user has the 3.3 API installed. Can I temporarily reset the environment to use the 4.0 API?



Original Post by: SteveThompson Thu Apr 1 17:00:30 2010

How an application "finds" its DLLs is all under control of Windows. There is plenty of info on the web to see how Windows does its thing.

We've found the easiest and least error prone way to do this is to put the exe in the same folder as the DLLs.

If you want to temporarily set the PATH and reset it when done, you could wrap the call to your exe in a DOS batch file. In the DOS file set the PATH before launching your app, when your app exits, reset it.

Original Post by: SCGrant327 Thu Apr 1 17:13:24 2010

Yeah, already know all that. Just wanted to see if there were any special environment changes that needed to be made that were OpenFlight API-specific.

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