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How to change OpenFlight version

Original Post by: spoulin Tue Nov 9 21:18:31 2010


I need to change the OpenFlight version my Creator is using. Currently, it is showing 16.4 in the bottom-right of the Creator window. I need to use 16.2 for CDB compatibility. How do I change it?



Original Post by: SteveThompson Tue Nov 9 21:27:19 2010

If you are asking if (and how) your plugin can change Creator... a plugin cannot change this. If it could what would happen if two loaded plugins wanted two different options? To avoid any potential ambiguity, settings like these are controlled by the Creator user.

Here's how a Creator user would do it:

In the Info>Preferences>Flight tab, simply change the Save Version to the version you want. This is the version Creator will "save" by default.

Original Post by: ChrisRogers Tue Nov 9 22:08:53 2010

Alternatively you can export your flt files to a particular version of OpenFlight. Changing your preferences to use a particular version is handy if you need to save that version all the time. However it can be heavy handed if you want to work with the newest version and every once in a while create a few older version files.

Both of these options only affect how the model is saved to disk. In memory is another story, so if yo do have a plugin that is expecting a particular format, then we need to tak a little more about that subject.

Original Post by: spoulin Wed Nov 10 20:59:23 2010

Well actually that's what I really need. I have a plugin that is used by the modelers that is converting their files from 16.2 to 16.4. I need the plugin to output 16.2. How do I change that?

Original Post by: ChrisRogers Wed Nov 10 21:33:05 2010

When your plugin saves the db file, just use mgExportDb intead of mgWriteDb. mgExportDb takes a formatVersion parameter. You can pass the following format version values to this function:









I'm curious what your plugin does for converting to old formats? Is it just saving the file? If so What is missing from our file->export workflow?

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