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Creating an Openflight db from a Collada (dae) file

Original Post by: IanCheung Thu Jan 6 11:24:56 2011

Hi all

I see that it's possible to import collada (and other formats) files into Creator (into current open db, or by creating a new db), so I was wondering if it's possible to do that in Python?

Edit: Just to clarify - I mean in Python and outside of Creator, just using the Openflight API.

Original Post by: SteveThompson Thu Jan 6 17:44:59 2011

For the most part (*), the Import/Export functionality available in Creator is NOT available in the OpenFlight API. It follows, then, that if the functionality is not in the OpenFlight API,it won't be available in OpenFlight (Python) Script (since OpenFlight Script is just a wrapper on top of the C Language OpenFlight API).

(*) The only exception to this is the "Export to other versions of OpenFlight" functionality. You can do that in the OpenFlight API using mgExportDb.

Original Post by: IanCheung Fri Jan 7 09:31:27 2011

Ok, good to know, thanks Steve


V17.0 lists mgImportDb under new functions.

The documentation for this function says it "imports a non-OpenFlight database into an existing Openflight scene".  

Using the sample code in the documentation I get:

     "E: Cannot locate DB Importer for: "<file>

How do I get this to work?


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