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external referans set transformation matrix

Original Post by: ukarahan Thu Jun 30 11:10:01 2011

Hi to All,

I have a problem about changing external referans position on master map.

I have crated new external referance and added succesfulluf to db but I’m unable to set right position

on master flt.

I think that I couldn't set transformation matrix on new node.

You can see the code below.

static mgbool set_pos (mgrec* db, mgrec* parent, mgrec* rec, void* userData)


mgrec* scale;

mgrec* translate;

mgmatrix matrix;

mgmatrix temp_matrix;

char formatString[50];

int fieldWidth = 8;

char* name = mgGetName (rec);

int val = mgGetCode(rec);

char *xref_model_filename;

int found;

if(val == eFltXref)




fltMatrix, temp_matrix,


mgWalkGetMatrix (userData, &matrix;);

std::string path = xref_model_filename;

mgmatrix mymatrix_temp;

// Get current matrix


mgDelete (rec);

mgrec *xrec = mgNewRec(fltXref);


// Problem about setting thr transformation matrix





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Original Post by: SteveThompson Thu Jun 30 14:53:42 2011

This is a common question.

You can check out this related API forum topic: support/discussions/topics/968 for more information.

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