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Creator Script: Tip for using array type parameters in parameter blocks of Creator Script commands

Original Post by: SteveThompson Fri Dec 2 21:50:57 2011

During the OpenFlight User Group Meeting at I/ITSEC on 11/30/2011, tips and tricks were presented for using OpenFlight Script and Creator Script.

Here is a script presented that shows how to use array type parameters in the parameter blocks you provide to commands in Creator Script.

We invite your questions or comments.

# this script executes the Creator tool: Polygon

# to create a simple square polygon

# get the database the script is running on

db = mgGetCurrentDb()

# get a parameter block that can be used for the Polygon tool

paramBlock = mgGetParamBlock ("Polygon")

# set up the tool parameters

# make a solid polygon

mgParamSet (paramBlock, "Type", "Solid")

# the "Points" parameter is an array type parameter of double3 values

# each point in the array represents vertex on the polygon to be created

# the order of the points is the order the vertices will be created

# and will determine the front/back of the polygon

# use mgParamSet to set the first point in the parameter array

# when you do this, the first item in the array is set and the length

# of the array is reset to one

mgParamSet (paramBlock, "Points", [ 0, 0, 0])

# use mgParamAppend to add subsequent points to the array

mgParamAppend (paramBlock, "Points", [10, 0, 0])

mgParamAppend (paramBlock, "Points", [10, 10, 0])

mgParamAppend (paramBlock, "Points", [ 0, 10, 0])

# set the modeling mode to polygon - this will create a face node

# for the new polygon below the current modeling parent

# if you set modeling mode to object (fltObject), an object node

# would be created above the new face (just like in Creator)

mgSetModelingMode (db, fltPolygon)

# execute the Polygon tool

mgExecute ("Polygon", paramBlock)

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