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Original Post by: MattN Mon Dec 12 15:36:05 2011


It's been a long time since I last posted.....but I hope someone can help me with my current issue:

I've written a stand-alone app using the 4.0 API (and subsequently the 4.2 API), but.....and here's where things get weird.....if I point the environment variable PRESAGIS_CREATOR_PLUGIN_DIR to a directory that contains the openflightextensionmanager.dll, then a directory is created with a garbage name in the tool's home directory. If I remove the offending dll, or point the env var to a directory without it in, then all is fine. This strange, empty, garbaged-name directory is created during the mgInit() call.

Can anyone relate to this? Any suggestions?

Thanks for your time,


Original Post by: SteveThompson Mon Dec 12 16:56:50 2011

The easy (cliche) answer is to simply remove openflightextensionmanager.dll from the plugin folder path. Unless your application uses OpenFlight Extensions (the new ones) you probably don't need this DLL.

In the meantime we can investigate why this might be happening and add more to this thread after our investigation.

BTW, which version of the OpenFlight API are you using?


Original Post by: MattN Mon Dec 12 17:03:12 2011

Hi Steve, thanks for the prompt reply.

I'm using the 4.2 API (having also tried the 4.0 API). Sorry to sound stupid, but when you say "unless your application uses OpenFlight Extensions (the newer ones)".....what do you mean? My application does reference our own extended-attributes (hence the need to point to the plugin directory) but I'm not sure if this is what you are referring to.....

Thanks again,


Original Post by: SteveThompson Mon Dec 12 17:20:06 2011

Hey Matt,

Sorry my reply may have been a bit cryptic... Let me provide more info here:

There are two extension mechanisms for OpenFlight (for you to add your custom data).

1) Extension Plugins - you define a ".dd" file then use ddbuild.exe to build a "binary" dll that wraps and provides access to your extension data. This is the "original" way and has been around a long time (hence we often refer to this way as the "old" way to make/access OpenFlight extensions). By "old', we certainly don't mean antiquated or in any way lesser, just more "mature" ;-)

2) Easy OpenFlight Extensions - Your data is defined in an XML (schema) file and you use functions like mgExtensionFieldGetInteger and mgExtensionFieldSetInteger to get/set your data. This is a "newer" way (not necessarily better, just a different way)

So, do you know which extension mechanism you are using to add your custom data? If #2, then YOU DO NEED the openflightextensionmanager.dll to load and provide access for your app to get/set extension data. If you are using #1, then you DON'T need openflightextensionmanager.dll to load in your stand-alone app environment.

Original Post by: MattN Mon Dec 12 17:35:22 2011

Ok, I getcha. Currently, we're using #1 .....

I'll keep an eye on this thread, and look forward to some news regarding the strange behaviour. Let me know if I can provide any help in reproducing it. Thanks for your time!


Original Post by: SteveThompson Mon Dec 12 17:41:01 2011

Ok, thanks...

So in the mean time, since you are using #1, you CAN safely remove this DLL if the "garbage" folder creation is causing you heartburn.

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