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"Enable Extension Attribute" tick box

Original Post by: MattN Tue Feb 26 16:45:04 2013


Having just used version 4.2. of Presagis Creator I've noticed you get a warning box pop up if you untick "Enable Extension Attribute" on one of the extension attribute tabs of a node.

<Verify Delete Extension - This will delete the extension data from # node>

Could someone please put me out of my misery and tell me what the API function call is for this (I never knew you could enable/disable this tick box directly for each extension tab, I though it simply became enabled as soon as you set one of the tab's extension attributes and remained unticked if none of the extensions were set).

I just want to be able to disable the "Enable Extension Attribute" tick box for each of our extension tabs but I can't see how I access 'em.


Thanks for any help offered...

Original Post by: MattN Mon Mar 18 21:43:01 2013

.....forgot to say CAN delete the extensions if you duplicate the whole database first into a new file, then traverse the duplication and delete the extensions as you go. I thought I'd mention it, since it may help you with the fix for the next version of the API (since the work around doesn't seem bullet proof).


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