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Set Texture

Original Post by: Tharak Thu Mar 21 13:57:03 2013

Hi Support,

I want help on setting texture to entire flt. Like till now i am setting each texture file to each polygon. Now my requirement is how to set one texture file to entire flt. Like if i am having flt with 4 polygons how to drape one texture file to all polygons in flt.

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Original Post by: ChrisRogers Thu Mar 21 15:32:44 2013

Hi Tharak,

Before I address your question, I just want to make sure you know this forum is not technically support. Sure support personel and engineers monitor this forum, but so do other customers and peers. If you need to contact support for an issue you can always contact them through the traditional channels.

Ok, so for your question, I think I need a little more information. You're posting in the OpenFlight API forum, so am I correct in assuming that you are creating a tool or some script to modify your flt file?

If so what are you Creating? OpenFlight Script, Plugin tool, or stand alone application?

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