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creator script projecting objects

Original Post by: sunil_12 Wed Jun 5 04:11:35 2013


Is it possible to recreate project objects ( pro feature) using creator script.

I am trying to place building on top of terrain mesh and I have thousands of buildings to do..

Kindly suggest if it its achievable by creator scripting.

Thanks ,


Original Post by: ChrisRogers Wed Jun 5 14:29:14 2013

It is 100% possible. The problem just boils down to finding a from and to point, then translating the objects by the distance between and direction along the line. The from point could be the bounding box center of the object, lowest point of the object, etc.. The to point is just the point intersecting the terrain directly below the from point.

Is project objects missing functionality you need? Or will it not work for your needs for some reason?

Original Post by: SteveThompson Wed Jun 5 15:23:47 2013

To help you find the "to" point (the point on the terrain to translate "to"), you can use the height above terrain script posted here support/discussions/topics/1504. Beware that this script may not be for the faint of heart ;-) as this is a non-trivial problem to solve.

Oh, and to make sure I have not misunderstood your original question... I assume you do NOT have Creator Pro, right? Because if you did have it, you could simply call Project Objects using Creator Script directly. Is that the case?

Original Post by: Lars Thu Jun 6 04:02:39 2013

Given your workload I do think that Creator Pro is really the best step forward. With its Project Polygon (good for projecting footprints and then making foundations) and Project Objects to place the buildings atop the footprints/terrain you should be able to get a very nicely populated dB.

Original Post by: sunil_12 Thu Jun 6 04:09:30 2013

Hi All.

Thanks for suggestions, I will give it a try.

I have used creator 4.2 with pro feature which had few pretty good addon tools.

But my current project restricts me to creator 3.5, so looking for a work around.



Original Post by: ChrisRogers Thu Jun 6 14:14:31 2013

Is there any chance you can use 4.2 pro to do the projection, then load the OpenFlight into 3.5 to continue working?

Original Post by: sunil_12 Thu Jun 6 14:21:42 2013

I am only accessible to creator 4.2, but not 4.2 pro.

Currently I need to place all the buildings (thousands) on the terrain mesh.

So thought of giving it a try with creator scripts!

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