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Script to better convert externals?

Original Post by: Famsta Wed Jun 12 19:43:09 2013

I'm currently trying to write an openflight script to convert externals to geometry.

I can easily use creator 4.2 to convert externals if I select them, go to:

File > convert externals

then go to:

Local_Dof > make geometry.

The problem with this process is the geometry comes through with their original index values for the textures... It does not bring in the external file's textures, and put these into new index values when it converts.

Is there an easier way to convert externals to geometry, but actually have the external reference come through with its correct textures? I'd like everything to be in the main scene, and have the correct assignment after conversion. I think I could figure a way to do it through openflight script, but it would be fairly involved.

(Using creator 4.2, and working with openflight script editor and Python

Original Post by: ChrisRogers Wed Jun 12 19:53:11 2013

Awhhh, the old Attribute Resolver trick is missing here. Basically you need to first run attribute Resolver, then (Very Important) run Re-Read Externals. This will scan the external attributes and make sure the attributes in the externals are prepared for convert externals by resolving any potential conflicts. Then you re-read the externals to load the updated versions.

Original Post by: ChrisRogers Wed Jun 12 19:54:28 2013

I hope this trick will solve your need for a script. Let me know if it works for your purposes :)

Original Post by: Famsta Thu Jun 13 17:00:52 2013

That's pretty much exactly what I need, and I had no idea that tool was even there, probably for a long time.

Thank you so much! ...Although now I feel like an idiot.

Original Post by: ChrisRogers Thu Jun 13 17:08:29 2013

Glad I could help... Sorry the process is so complicated. I must admit I only know the answer because I had issues doing the exact same thing and had to ask someone for help.

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