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Technique for reversing V in call to mgMeshSetVtxUV()?

Original Post by: MarcFlores Fri Sep 6 17:43:38 2013

I don't know if "reversing" is the best way to describe what I want to do (maybe flipping?), but my textures are coming out incorrectly. I believe it might be a discrepancy in the way we determine the texture image origin, and the way OpenFlight might.

We use the top left corner of the texture image as the origin when assigning our texture coordinates to meshes. Does OpenFlight use the bottom left?

If so, is there anything I can use in the API to compensate?

Original Post by: ChrisRogers Fri Sep 6 18:03:30 2013

In OpenFlight, the bottom left corner is (0,0). If you are assuming a top left origin and want to convert, you simply replace your v with 1-v.

I hope this helps!

Original Post by: MarcFlores Fri Sep 6 18:07:23 2013

Such an easy fix!. Works like a charm, thanks a bunch.

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