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What is the latest API version, and when was it released?

Original Post by: MarcFlores Tue Feb 18 22:25:56 2014

I download the OpenFlight API quite a while back, and made a note that it was version 4.2. Today I went back to the API download page and it says version 13! I know there could not have been 9 major releases in the last year (I think), so I must not understand the API versioning. Can anybody straighten me out?

Original Post by: ChrisRogers Tue Feb 18 22:34:11 2014

You need to visit the download page more often! Just joking...

As part of our unified product suit plans, we changed our version numbering scheme. Don't worry about the jump in numbers, you didn't miss 9 releases. The good news is this new numbering scheme will help everyone understand what versions of our various products work well with each other. It should prevent the headache of trying to figure out that version 6.2 of one product works well with 3.4 of another, but doesn't have the features required to work with 4.0 of another etc...

Original Post by: MarcFlores Tue Feb 18 22:42:37 2014

Ha, ha. Thanks for the quick response.

So, with 4.2, where am I? Is my 4.2 the latest, just rebranded as 13, or is 4.2 indeed and old API? Is there a list showing the history of the API, maybe with release dates?


Original Post by: ChrisRogers Tue Feb 18 22:50:40 2014

Not to worry, there was no re-branding done. Our last release just changed the version number to one that all products could jump up to without taking a step backwards in their numbering schemes. This release was known as M&S Suite 13 and was released September 17, 2013. If you ignore the patches and only count major releases, Creator and the OpenFlight API jumped from 4.2 directly to 13.

Original Post by: ChrisRogers Tue Feb 18 23:02:17 2014

I don't know of any global list, however you can always look at the release notes to find what was changed in that release. The release notes can be downloaded separate from the api from your customer portal. Just get the OpenFlightAPI 13 documentation download, and open up the release notes pdf file to see what is new in that release. It lists all the major bug fixes and changes.

Original Post by: MarcFlores Tue Feb 18 23:15:09 2014

Very much appreciated. Have a good one.

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