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Simulation of day/night cycle changing textures in Creator

Original Post by: entrol Wed Mar 26 11:32:47 2014


I have an openflight model in Creator with a swtich node that contains day and night groups of polygons with differents textures.

How can I simulate the change in textures in VegaPrime Viewer based on the time of the day?

Thank you in advance.



Original Post by: Lars Wed Mar 26 14:19:08 2014

Hi and welcome to the Presagis forum! As far as the VP Viewer in Creator is concerned, you will not be able to visualize switch nodes based on TOD settings. The viewer is a very bare bones visualizer based on the full version of VP.

The only way to see those effects is to set your model up in VP itself.

Original Post by: SteveThompson Wed Mar 26 15:31:19 2014

Actually you can see the Switch Node variants in the Creator Vega Prime Viewer but you have to do it manually.

In Creator, open the switch node attribute page, select the masks as you want them to be. Verify in Creator graphics view. Start Vega Prime Viewer. It will display the model as you see it in Creator. To see a different mask, close Vega Prime Viewer, change mask settings in switch node in Creator and restart Vega Prime Viewer.

Unfortunately the VP Viewer does not automatically update based on Switch Node changes in Creator. That would be a nice enhancement.

Thanks for your input on the forum!

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