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Creator Plugin

Original Post by: Sat Oct 25 06:57:56 2014


I want to create a plugin in creator with customised attribute searches. can someone direct me how can i do it. like major steps. just like other tool boxes it should have a tool box.

Original Post by: ChrisRogers Mon Oct 27 15:32:58 2014

I would be happy to help. Let me first get a little more information, just to make sure I understand what you are trying to accomplish, and to make sure there isn't already a way to get what you want. Nobody likes to re-invent the wheel... well unless they have something amazing to add to it! Like those cool rims that spun even when the car stopped that were popular for about a day or two.... Ok, back on track.

So you want to search for attributes. You said a customized attribute search. Does that mean you want to search for custom attributes? like plugin defined attributes or extensions? Or does that mean you have a custom set of attributes that exist in standard OpenFlight? Or perhaps you want to further control the search of attributes by imbedding logic into your search? (like, find all green geometry, but if it is a mesh instead only select red geometry with two or less vertices...)

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