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Copy Comment (String) To Windows Clipboard.

Original Post by: Thu Dec 11 19:24:28 2014


How to copy the cmComment in code below to clipboard in order to paste in comment field of a polygon.

If I click a button in my plugin the comment for that should be copied to clipboard. Can someone add/modify the code snippet for that in below code sample?

static mgbool b1Func (mgrec* db, mgrec* parent, mgrec* rec, void* userData)


char* cmtComment="<AttributeList><MATERIAL NAME=\"CEMENT\" /></AttributeList>";

return MG_TRUE;


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Original Post by: SteveThompson Fri Dec 12 14:41:50 2014

The OpenFlight API does not provide a function for this. It is out of scope for the OpenFlight API capability.

However, you can use the C-runtime to help. I did a simple Google search on how to copy string to windows clipboard and found plenty of options. Here is a good one that should help you:

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