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Material Palette name length

Original Post by: RyanFranz Mon Feb 9 23:08:03 2015

This is a feature request for OpenFlight 16.5. Can you allow longer names in the Material Palette, beyond the 11 character limit that is currently there, in the next version of OpenFlight? Thanks!

Original Post by: SteveThompson Wed Feb 11 21:38:58 2015

This is certainly a good idea. Thank you Ryan.

Along these same lines, the texture reference record is limited to 200 characters. I wonder if any users are finding this too limiting?

To address these, we could consider a "variable" length string record to be used for these and other "names" in the OpenFlight database.


Original Post by: RyanFranz Wed Feb 11 23:38:30 2015

For us, the texture path isn't a problem, since we don't usually encode the path to the texture file. But I could see that others might want an unlimited path.

We are requesting longer material palette entry names, too, talked to Lars today.  We are doing painful gymnastics to store a longer descriptive name that we associate with the palette entry.

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