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OPenFlight API with C#

Original Post by: Mon Apr 25 08:31:53 2016

I want to use Open flight(OF) API for C#, Any one from forum who already work on it ? Or give me suggestion how can i use C# for OF API??


Original Post by: SteveThompson Mon Apr 25 15:46:24 2016

As you are probably aware, the OpenFlight API is an "unmanaged" library so cannot be used directly in a "managed" environment (either managed c++ or c#). There are ways to use unmanaged code in c# and many articles on the web describing the process.

Here is just one found using a web search on "using an unmanaged library in c#"

How much of the OFAPI you will need to expose in this way will depend on what "data" from the OFAPI you need in your c# environment,

Original Post by: Tue Apr 26 03:38:04 2016

That's great, thanks for your guidelines.I continue work on it. Thanks again.

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