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CDB 3.0 Draft 2 - Appendix F

Original Post by: eric.s.moore Wed Nov 19 19:13:18 2008

This pertains to CDB 3.0 specification draft 2.

Page 3-1 references the appendices for various hierarchy specific information. Of particular interest was:

- Appendix F lists all of the 3D Model component naming and hierarchy of the


I checked Appendix F in the CDB Specification - 02 - Appendices.pdf, but this seems to repeat the data in Appendix O which is related to Model Skin Names.

Will there be a new draft published soon that will contain this appendix?

Thank you.


Original Post by: Bernard Leclerc Wed Nov 19 19:59:53 2008

Eric, this "typo" has been noticed while reviewing Draft 2. Another release of the CDB Spec is expected soon. In the meantime, you will find the correct content of appendix F in the first Draft... which is available for download here:


Original Post by: eric.s.moore Wed Nov 19 20:03:52 2008

Thank you Bernard.

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