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Original Post by: RolandH Wed Feb 18 13:11:56 2009

How will the CDB API be licensed? I understand that the OpenFlight API is available for a fee or free when creator is bought, will the same be true of the CDB API?

Also will the openflight portion of the CDB API have non-cdb compliant sections (e.g. CAT records) of the standard removed from the interface or will it be an exact copy of the current openflight api?

Original Post by: rharris Tue Mar 10 10:05:07 2009

We'd also like to have the information RolandH requested. Also:

1. Please can you tell us what capabilities the CDB API will have? Is it just a repackaging of Flight/Shape/GeoTIFF APIs or will it provide other CDB-specific capabilities, such as creation/manipulation/interpretation of CDB LoD/layer folder hierarchies etc etc?

2. Is there any beta documentation available yet?

3. Is a beta copy of the API available that we could begin to evaluate/use?

4. Can you give us firmer release date(s) and planned capabilities (at each release, if ongoing)?


Original Post by: David.Nadeau Fri Mar 27 11:21:53 2009

The CDB API will be provided with every Presagis Products, any customer with a Presagis product will have the right to use the CDB API in a similar manner as the OpenFlight API. If a user want to use the CDB API but does not have a Presagis product, they would then need to contact the Presagis Sales representative for their area or the Content Creation Product Manager.

Here is additional information on the CDB API capabilities.

The CDB API gives users access to CDB dataset files using parameters determining a files location within the CDB:

- Dataset Code

- Geographical location

- Level-of-Detail

- Model name

The CDB API enables users to read & write all CDB dataset types:

- Raster (tif, jp2, rgb)

- Vector (shp, shx, dbf, dbt)

- 3D (flt)

- Descriptive (xml)

The CDB API provides users with an in-memory representation for each dataset type.

The CDB API also provides users with a raw interface giving direct access to binarfy file content for all datasets.

When writing a dataset, the CDB API ensures that files are stored at the appropriate CDB location.

The CDB API will be available at the beginning of the 3rd quarter of 2009.

Original Post by: RolandH Tue Apr 7 17:03:21 2009

Will the API deal with versions of CDB databases or is this left to higher level database management software?

If a beta version of the API is not available is it possible to get some module/function listings so that I can be sure of the level of interfacing to the CDB? C header files would be absolutely fine!

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