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Creator / TerraVista Support

Original Post by: RolandH Tue Apr 7 17:09:33 2009

Is there any information available on the level of support that will be available for CDB in Creator / TerraVista and the release dates of these? I.e. moving model sub-model control attribution, visualisation.

Will the support be for a specific version of CDB or will the version be selectable from within Creator / TerraVista?

Also will there be any beta versions of these softwares available at any point to evaluate?

Original Post by: David.Nadeau Mon Apr 20 11:54:22 2009

Both TerraVista and Creator will come out with support for CDB 3.0. TerraVista will provide the ability to read and write CDB 3.0. Additional functionalities were also added inside of TerraVista to generate and support certain CDB 3.0 datasets like Material textures. As an example, TV added the additional support for Material texture either through source classified texture or generation from classified vector. Creator also added capabilities to validate and attribute 3D models to ensure CDB 3.0 compliance. Creator also provides new capabilities to generate the proper CDB 3.0 compliant layers information for Site models (airport, urban area…) which can also be used to support CDB 3.0 and other outputs when imported through TerraVista. Creator also offers a new option “Creator Airports” to help user generate a site model (principally airports) which can rapidly be used in both CDB 3.0 and non-CDB environments (using TerraVista).

TerraVista and Creator are planned for general availability toward the beginning of June. CDB support shall be limited to version 3.0. As we evolve the CDB specification (3.1 & 4.0), TerraVista will enables the migration of database from one version to another.

No beta version is planned for distribution.

Original Post by: RolandH Mon Apr 20 13:56:53 2009

So as I understand it Creator will not be able to work on CDB models directly but will have to use terravista to do the import / export?

Will it be possible to visualise the effects of the CDB attributes, e.g. attachment points, dynamic control etc.?

Also will TerraVista be managing version control of the CDB instance?

Original Post by: David.Nadeau Tue Sep 15 17:40:20 2009

In regards to the tools themselves I suggest you use the peer-to-peer forum of the Product forum.

This said, to answer your question on CDB Instance management, yes we will provide some CDB management tool.

Could you please clarify what you would expect to see as CDB Management tools to make sure we're all talking about the same thing. Also, what do you mean exactly by managing CDB Instance?

Original Post by: David.Nadeau Wed Oct 7 16:43:16 2009

Creator is validating that the model are CDB Compliant. Meaning that the model has information which can be used to generate a proper CDB Model.

When you import these model in TerraVista, the proper CDB format will be generated from them.

Today, Creator 4.0 and TV 6.0 are focus on static model for CDB. We didn't evaluate all of the additional information necessary for Moving Models.

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