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Level D CDB Improvements

Original Post by: RyanFranz Tue May 19 20:58:22 2009

The CDB presentation from I/ITSEC 2008 (found in this forum) mentions updates for Level D Airfields. I was wondering if we could get a list of possible (probable) updates that are coming in 3.1?

Off the top of my head, I know that the 3.0 spec does not define several airport marking types; including paint markings on taxiways, enhanced taxiway centerlines, and other ground markings near the terminal. Also, it seems that some light definitions are either not well defined (guard lights are typically yellow and not omnidirectional) or there is not enough information to make use of the light type (what is the difference between the four different types of guard lights and when do you use them?).

Ryan Franz

FlightSafety International

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Original Post by: David.Nadeau Thu May 28 11:45:30 2009

The Addendum planned for inclusion in the CDB 3.1 Specification are posted on the Forum. We have updated the Forum and created a separate section specific to the discussion on CDB update (addendums).

Most of the proposed change for CDB 3.1 are now posted in this new section:

Please verify if this is meeting your need for Level-D, if not please use the forum to inform us so we can discuss it and include it in the specification.

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