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Radiosity Light Maps

Original Post by: labonski Thu Jul 16 09:58:46 2009

Hello all.

Have been burning some light map textures using Creators Radiosity tool.

At present I am using polygons with emmisive materials applied as lights.

Results are quite good!

I have noticed that in the radiosity popup window lightpoints should also be able to be selected for use, however none are presented in the window for selection.

Therefore how do you use light points to burn light map textures in Creator?

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Original Post by: David.Nadeau Thu Sep 10 21:16:32 2009

This Standard forum is focused on answering the CDB Generation question. Your questions are more related to the Creator product. We would recommend that you use either:

- Peer to Peer forum:

- New Support Request:

We will be happy to provide you an answers from these sites.

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