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IR image formation

Original Post by: chennamsettypullarao Tue Sep 22 02:44:31 2009

revered sir,

my name is chennamsetty. pullarao, studying masters in communication

systems(NIT Warangal). Initially what type of file formats are there

for IR images , i need your support on mathematical modeling thermal

image camera functions first i am doing project work on generating

database for how to capture IR images and also I have to retrieve the

original image from the Image (IR). Similarly from the texture of

image how to map the terrain and extract the required objects from

the texture and so on under different environmental conditions it

means i have to change zooming rolling of camera and Temperature

adjustments and so many are in IR camera . so kindly help me if any

books are there. also i need mathematically how we are modeling those

cameras (IR camera) functions toolbox in matlab GUI. So please help

me in any manner i need your support please send me any books on

functioning and detailed material on the model sir you have any idea

on complete version on any further tools availability can we implement

it on MATLAB i need that also i am trying but too hard problems i am

facing, so i need your suport.

thanking you sir

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