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RT Publisher

Original Post by: daciana Fri Nov 27 20:05:06 2009

The CDB is supposed to be a source-repository format but also a runtime format.

Is there any RTP so far which uses CDB as a Runtime database?


Original Post by: David.Nadeau Fri Nov 27 22:57:21 2009

There are quite a few RTP available in the industry. Here is an non-complete list of the available RTP from CDB:

Presagis Run-time publishers:

- Visual system - Thea Lite


- including its Terrain Server with CDB RTP

- Include a 2D Map & 3D Viewer running with CDB RTPs

- AI.implants


- Visual system


- Sensor (FLIR/NVG)

- Radar


- Visual system

We also believe XPI has an RTP, but they will have more information on it at ITSEC during the CDB User group. These are the companies who have communicated publically that they have an RTPs.

If you're at ITSEC next week, I suggest you come by the CDB User Group which also include RTP Presentation from FSI, XPI, CAE and Presagis. Recounting their experience implementing their RTPs.

Original Post by: ccbrianf Tue Dec 1 11:31:44 2009


- Visual system

FSI = FlightSafety, International

- Sensor (FLIR/EO (TV)/NVG)

We have an RTP for the above as well. We also have partial support for publishing NAV data via an API to third parties. We plan to extend the capabilities of our third party interface over time.

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