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OpenFlight LightPoint Light Phase

Original Post by: John Hortenstine Thu Apr 1 20:17:03 2010

Lightpoints can have a phase set in a shapefile by the LPH attribute. Currently there is not a way to set it in a OpenFlight model. It is necessary for beacons and runway guard light boxes.

Has there been thought on how to officially support light phase in OpenFlight?

Original Post by: Bernard Leclerc Fri Apr 30 15:58:44 2010

John, there has been thoughts about providing a mechanism to extend the attribution of OpenFlight nodes in a generic manner. The idea is to permit the use of CDB attributes defined in section inside CDB OpenFlight models defined in chapter 6. The details are being discussed at the present time. Once a proposal is ready, it will be posted here.

A sneak preview... the light phase attribute could be specified using an XML tag that resemble this:


<Property name="LPH" value="the LPH value as specified in"/>


You get the idea...

Original Post by: john.oliver Tue Dec 13 22:17:35 2011


I'm not a fan of xml comments in openfight. Extended Openflight was created to address the issue of modeler typos and conflicting comments in openflight, many companies using openflight have their own comment field schemes which often conflict. Use of Extended Openflight would seem to be a far cleaner implementation of accomodating CDB attribution not currently supported in openflight.

Just a thought from an old modler :-)

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