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CDB Spec - Request

Original Post by: SCGrant327 Fri Apr 23 15:29:08 2010

Is there anyplace to get parts of the spec in XML form? Specifically looking for a complete FACC listing in XML form.



Original Post by: David.Nadeau Fri Apr 30 12:27:10 2010

We do have them in electronic format, I will make sure we publish these file with the CDB Specification.

I will post back an answer when it is done.

Original Post by: SCGrant327 Fri Apr 30 13:04:27 2010

Thanks David.

Original Post by: dbGuy Thu Sep 1 14:42:57 2011

Is there an available copy (even a draft copy) of the CDB Spec version 3.2?

Original Post by: hermann Wed May 15 20:51:00 2013


Sorry for the very late reply on this. Attached is a preliminary version of the file you requested for spec 3.2. Let me know if this is helpful for you.



Original Post by: B. Leclerc Fri Mar 28 15:53:33 2014

Spec 3.2 is now available here for download: Specification - Version

The feature data dictionary is located in \CDB\Metadata\Feature_Data_Dictionary.xml

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