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CDB Model Extensions

Original Post by: Icewynd Tue May 25 17:37:39 2010

I have two questions regarding model extensions in the CDB spec.

First based on the the schema for the model extensions it lists :

<xs:element name="Model">



<xs:element name="Zone" type="Zone" />

<xs:element name="Point" type="Point" />

<xs:element name="Switch" type="Switch" />

<xs:element name="Material" type="xs:positiveInteger" />




From what I have seen in the comment fields it typically does not have the <Model> element it will directly go to <CDB:Zone> or something. How is this still following the spec.

Second question is regarding to these attributes is there any limitation on which nodes they can go on in the model itself. I couldnt find anything in the spec regarding which nodes. I have typically seen the Zone attribute go on group nodes. So the question is can these attributes go on any node or is there limitations or standards?

Thanks for the help :)

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Original Post by: B. Leclerc Thu May 27 14:19:23 2010

The answer to your first question is simple: the schema presented in appendix J.1 is missing a paragraph that I provided in the past. In short, that paragraph said "You can validate all XML comments in a CDB Model by collecting them in a file and adding the XML root element <Model>...</Model>". Somehow, that paragraph got removed! I will see how to clarify this issue and remove the ambiguity.

For your second question, the answer is in chapter 6; more specifically in sections 6.5 (CDB Zone = OF Group), 6.6 (CDB Point = OF Group), 6.10 (Switch), and 6.12 (CDB Articulation = OF DOF). In the case of <CDB:Material>, the comment may also appear on OF Object node and OF Face/Mesh nodes as mentioned in section

Hope this helps,


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