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CDB and Land Use?

Original Post by: ToddSmith_RC Wed Jun 9 20:48:21 2010

I don't see any mention of land use codes in the spec, and I don't see any data in the WWDB that would suggest that they are a part of the spec. Am I missing something or is that the case?

I'm not saying that CDB should have them, I'm only saying that if it does, I can't find information about them and need help :)


P.S. I'm not talking about materials. I'm talking about land use codes - like what you'd find in an ERS file.

Original Post by: David.Nadeau Mon Jun 14 17:18:35 2010

The CDB Spec contains both Material and FACC code. The Material code can be assigned to both material texture and features (vector) data while the FACC are assigned to the features data.

With this information, you should be able to easily map Land Classification code to CDB (or reverse). Does this answer you questions?

Original Post by: ToddSmith_RC Mon Jun 14 17:28:19 2010

So for tiles that don't contain any vector data, I'm left with attempting to map materials to land use codes?

Original Post by: David.Nadeau Mon Jun 14 19:16:00 2010

A normal CDB tile should contain vector/features. If your tile doesn't, but has material textures, it is possibly incorrect and would have to be validated. If this is the WWDB, please provide the region since this could be a problem.

Original Post by: ToddSmith_RC Mon Jun 14 22:47:10 2010

Yeah it looks like the database I was not seeing vector features in was a smaller database that wasn't complete. I haven't noticed any problems in the WWDB.

One last question though, much of the imagery in the 004_Imagery folders looks to be synthetically generated. Is this imagery generated in part by using the existing vector feature information?

Original Post by: David.Nadeau Wed Jun 16 00:06:14 2010

The Presagis WWDB is generated procedurally using the CDB Vector & Elevation data.

Original Post by: ToddSmith_RC Wed Jun 16 19:57:38 2010

Is the texture that is used to generate the Imagery exposed in the database (i.e. the texture used for city environments, etc.)?

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