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CDB Spec - Request

Original Post by: ToddSmith_RC Tue Jun 15 23:34:13 2010

Based on what I was told earlier about CDB and Land Use codes (that they can be mapped from CDB material and vector data information) I am requesting that the spec be added to so that it includes a Land Use raster data file corresponding to the existing Imagery and RMTexture files (i.e. if an Imagery file exists at a particular location and LOD, a Land Use one would too, with the same extent). That obviously means that there would be different LODs of land use raster data files.

If the data exists in the spec already such that land use codes can be mapped from it, generating a stand-alone land use file would save a lot of work and allow IGs that want to render land use synthetically generated texture (instead of photo imagery, which in the WWDB's case appears to be synthetically generated in many areas anyway). Some IGs would prefer a WWDB in a land use form rather than a photo form. Additionally, land use rasterization is a common task for many existing IGs.

Thanks :)

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Original Post by: David.Nadeau Wed Jun 16 00:04:21 2010

We believe that Land Use information can be remapped from the Material classification available in the CDB. Material classification is also stored in LOD which should correlate with the other dataset (imagery, vector).

Please provide more information if you believe the material classification is missing information and how you would address this.

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