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Buildings in CDB

Original Post by: AndyS Wed Sep 1 10:32:20 2010


We have vector data for an urban area comprising approx 30,000 footprints of buildings.

In previous terrain database formats these footprints have been extruded (based upon a 'height' atttribute) and textured (based upon a 'building type' attribute).

What is the crrently recommended way of representing this information in CDB?

The spec seems to suggest that the FACC codes associated with buildings should exist as point features rather than areal - but to achive correlation with our existing databases this would presumably require us to generate 30,000 geo-specific building models, which doesn't sound like fun!

Is there a 'correct ' way to represent these individual buildings as areal features?


Andy Stannard


Original Post by: john.oliver Tue Dec 13 22:10:08 2011

I may be on the wrong forum as a TV user and novice with CDB, but have you tried using the Creator building wizard to generate xml description files which can be used in Terra Vista to automatically build thousands of geo-specific models from footprints. I just built a CDB with >30000 geo-specifc residential house and multi-family dwelling models from footprints, complete with LODs and published to CDB.

If you use nested selectors in TV you could also key off the height attribute to select an appropriate xml wizard description file.

Original Post by: Meetmak Tue Feb 12 12:12:56 2013

could you please tell where can i get authenticated building-footprints for Indian region?

it would be a great help


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