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Additional light types in CDB

Original Post by: RyanFranz Fri Apr 13 21:02:15 2012

Well, since my last proposal didn't generate any negative comments, lets try another one. We would like to see more obstruction light types. In particular, we would like to see all the FAA official obstruction light types.

I am not sure if I added the lights in the proper order/hierarchy that CDB uses (I tried to use what I thought was the way the standard was created). If not, it can get reordered and renamed to fit better with the existing light names/hierarchy. I am more concerned that the light types get in, so we can better support existing obstruction lights that exist in the real world.



Original Post by: bernie Wed Oct 31 15:33:59 2012

The lights that you have proposed have all been added and incorporated into the FDD of CDB v3.2


Original Post by: RyanFranz Wed Oct 31 15:40:33 2012

So for this lights_xxx.html file, is there some light point code numbers that are reserved for customer use? I would want to make sure that I don't use a number that will be used by a future version of CDB.

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